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The Veterans Memorial Museum Interior Exhibits


The Museum has a mix of artifact and memorabilia displays and full size, operational military vehicles.

"The Oldest Jeep in the World",  Ford's Pygmy, Serial Number 1.  Formerly in the Ford Museum in Dearborn, now owned by the Veterans Museum.

The AVG, 1941-1942, the Flying Tigers defended China

The 1942 Harley WLA Motorcycle, as returned from Russia

Participants in the Normandy landings on D-Day 1944


The AH-1 Huey Cobra entered service during the Vietnam War

8th Air Force Briefing Room


The Museum's M24 Chaffee is 98% restored.  Excellent internal photos are in a new book: "Allied-Axis, The Photo Journal of the Second World War, Issue #15", researched by David Doyle and Patrick Stansell and published by Ampersand Publishing


This is a "Patch Blanket", a popular hobby during and after World War II.  An issue OD blanket was used as the base for displaying patch collections.  This particular collection was assembled by Colonel Robert Platt Boyd, who commanded an Engineer Company in building the Alcan Highway.  His daughter did the sewing, and has donated the blanket to the Museum.

Our M3 Light Tank is under restoration, and will probably run when the needed parts come in from Australia.  This is the type of tank used by National Guard tankers to defend the Philippines in 1941-1942.  There were only 100 tanks built with a riveted turret, and this tank in one of those.


Our M8 Greyhound Armored Car











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