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1918 LIBERTY "Class B" Truck.

The U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum in 2017 acquired a 1918 Standardized Class-B Military Truck, better known as a “Liberty Truck.”  The Liberty truck, when received, needed a bed and some engine work. The Museum has a blueprint for construction of the truck bed. The engine needed to be overhauled and put back into serviceable condition.  Plans are to obtain new truck tires as part of the restoration.

 The restoration of our 1918 Standard B "Liberty" truck continues. The restoration is being done at a Restoration Facility in Georgia that has restored 3 liberty trucks for the Army.

A Liberty truck 1

 We’re working to get the new tires installed on the front wheels.  The bed and cab are installed, the frame corrected, the rear new tires on, the driveline repaired. The seat looks really great. The magneto has been sent for rebuild. The main hangup now is the exhaust manifold. It had been "bubba" repaired and we are working with someone in New Zealand that is going to reproduce them. Covid has delayed their mold process, but hope that gets resolved soon.

 The engine is being overhauled and put back into serviceable condition.


Our truck was missing its bed when we acquired it. A new bed has being fabricated using the original bed as a pattern. Most of the hardware was fabricated at the Restoration Facility in Georgia.

 The large single rear "solid" tires have been replaced with newly made "dual" rear tires. The Front tires are being replaced with "new" old stock tires. 

 General characteristics:

Weight: 10,400lbs (unloaded)/16,400-18,400lbs (max load)
Engine: 424 cubic-inch, ‘L-head’ 4-cylinder (52bhp) gasoline
Transmission: 4-speed, 1-reverse
Crew: 1 (driver)
Top Speed: 14mph (on level ground)
Fuel: 32-gallon capacity with an average of 3.5 to 7mpg (driver and roads permitting)
Total Produced: 12-14,000 (estimated)

U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum
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