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PBR (Patrol Boat River)

PBR (Patrol Boat River)

The PBR, or Patrol Boat River was used extensively from 1966 through 1971 by the United States in the Vietnam War. Having a very shallow draft and a unique jet drive (Jacuzzi) they were ideal for patrolling rivers in Vietnam in an attempt to disrupt weapons shipments. They were also utilized to quickly insert or extract special forces, such as Navy SEALs, along river banks. Because of their relatively lightweight construction these boats could be air transported by helicopters when necessary.

HMS Victory 1765


The HMS Victory is a gunship built by the British Royal Navy in 1759. The Victory was Lord Nelson's flag ship at Trafalgar. She is currently preserved as a museum and is the worlds oldest naval vessel still in commission with 244 years of service. 

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